Lots of New Stuff

Update: I have added more translations for penguins all around the world. I have also made a new page. You can see it Here
Hey Penguins!

A new coloring page has just come out! Its about Bean Counters. The penguin playing doesnt seem to be very good. If you would like a print copy, Click Here.

Fun Activites

There is also a new Featured Igloo:

That penguin is really rare! Dont forget the new Fan Art and Poll! To see those Click Here to see the Poll and Click Here to see the Fan Art.

Waddle On and on until your flippers hurt ❗



3 Responses

  1. that dude haz a great igloo

    Muddgirl4000: I agree with you 🙂

  2. Nice site!
    Thats a really nice iggy!
    Comment back on my site!

  3. hey how do u log on in penguin impact 3 PS:Penguin impact ROOOCCKKKSS WAy BETTER THEN PENGUIN STORM

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