Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Hey Everyone!

I am finally posting. I havent been posting lately because I have HSA testing at my school. (Its pretty hard) Anyways, the annual easter egg hunt is finally here! I dont want to spoil the suprise so I will only give you 2 hints on where the eggs are.

Hint #1:

The First egg is one of the hardest to find! Here is how to get it:

1. Go to the Town
2. Go up to the Night Club
3. Click on the right light on the top
4. Click the egg

Here is hint #2:

The eggs all have a hint on them on where they are:

Just go to all the places that look like they would be on the eggs above. Example: Water= Ocean. Try to find where the rest can be.

Here is what you get when you find all of the eggs:

Bunny Ears! My favorite 😀

If you still need help on finding the rest of the eggs, I will post the awnsers later!

Quest For The Golden Puffle Play Cheats:

This is what the play looks like. (You should already know)

Here is the catalog:

  • Alaska’s explorer hat(300 coins)
  • Lasso(150 coins)
  • Sienna explorer outfit(650 coins)
  • Beige explorer outfit(650 coins)
  • Safari hat(250 coins)
  • Supply bag(700 coins)

  • Pharaoh costume(800 coins)
  • Crook and flail(300 coins)
  • Gold bracelets(200 coins)
  • Pharaoh headdress(500 coins)
  • Mummy costume(600 coins)

  • Adventure background(60 coins)
  • Directors hat(250 coins)

Quest for the golden puffle came back to the stage because it was the winner of most of the Penguin Play Awards, to bad Ruby and the Ruby didn’t win. The Quest For The Golden Puffle has been back more then 2 times now.

New Pin:

Also dont forget the new pin! It is located at the forest:

Its a chocolate bunny! Perfect Easter pin!

Have a Rockin Easter from your buddy,


5 Responses

  1. Hey Mudd can i part of your site/team? please im a very good blogger and i will help get more hits please?

    Muddgirl4000: OK 😀

  2. Hey, I am Salty!

    I am just commenting to Wish You A Happy Easter & I hope you get lots of money and toys! 😀

    Please Comment Back On My Site:

    Thank-You & I Hope you have a terrific Day!


  3. Oh hey Muddgirl! I found all the eggs and I got the pink bunny ears! I finally met G yesterday at Tuxedo server on 3:30 P.M. EST (Eastern Standered Time). I’ve seen that play 3 times! Have a happy Easter!

    P.S. I got my own email address!
    P.P.S. My email is

    Muddgirl4000:Happy Easter to you too 😀

  4. Where do u get the Crook and flail???

    Muddgirl4000: Click on the golden puffle on the first page

  5. Wow that’s some great advice for the other people Muddgirl4000!! Anyways, I think your site is awesome!
    Thanks for viewing mine!


    Muddgirl4000: Thank You. Im glad that you like my blog. I added you to my blogroll 😀

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