I Forgive You

If you are Xlr8 64, Joji H, or Alpha202 please read this!

First of all, I do not hate you Xlr. You are like one of my best buddies! Second of all, you are not stupid Alpha. You are really smart and cool. Third of all, I am sorry that you missed the party Joji. To make it up, I will be having ANOTHER PARTY on Sunday. Here is the invitation:

“Muddgirl4000’s Super Awesome CP Cheats Totally Insane Party”

Server: Sleet
Where: Iceberg (We will go from there)
Why: Over 3000 Hits
When: Sunday, April 5th
Time: 1:00 PM PST

The last party I had was complete failure! Thats why I am having this one. I hope everyone can make it to this one 🙂

Your awesome buddy,



6 Responses

  1. i’ll make this party, thanks for having another one. =)

  2. =D

  3. Ok muddgirl you have 4000 hits probably by tommorow my friend (he came to your party once misterfuji99) thinks you might not be able keep up with them (I sorta agree) you shouldent have another party until 5000hits! =D

  4. ughhhh the time squedual… is not good. u see, i have swimmign in the morning, then another class in the afternoon. i recomend to do it at either 2 – 4 PM PST time pelase!


  5. oh and u finnaly figured out how to put ur own avatar!

    i was going to do it now, but now u figured out, it saved me lots of time lol!


  6. yea joji, i got a new computer so it didnt work on my old one. thanks for the help anyways. 🙂

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