Party Reminder

Remember my party is today! Here is the invitation again:

Cant read the invitation? Here is what it says:

“Muddgirl4000’s Super Awesome CP Cheats Totally Insane Party”

Server: Sleet
Where: Iceberg (We will go from there)
Why: 3000 Hits
When: Saturday, April 4th
Time: 1:00 PM PST
I will be featuring 5 lucky penguins on my blog! I will also add 3 people at the party!

Hope you all can make it 😀


P.S. If I cant make it, there will be another party tomorrow


5 Responses

  1. mudd im so sorry i was busy but i was ganna come now you hate me

  2. where r u?

  3. What?! opps i got the time wrong! OMG lol! I’m soo sry i missed it!

  4. i soo sry, im stuiped! I thought it was at 4! Please forgive me!

  5. awwwww crap!!! I missed it!!!

    well, i had lots of things to do today. Such as Saturday Class (U dont have to know what kind), then another class in the afternoon (Again, u don’t have to know what it is), so srry I couldn’t come.

    I’ll give you a tip. Try doing parties a bit later, so most of us can come.

    Hope that helped!


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