No Name Cheat

Hey Everyone!

I have just found a cheat that makes it so you dont have a name on Club Penguin.

This Club Penguin Cheat will make it so you can’t see your or anyone elses name on Club Penguin. To do this, follow these steps:

First take out a portal box from your inventory:

Now walk to the other side of your igloo. Next click the box to walk over to it then before you get there click the Tape Measure Icon to edit your igloo:

Now you will be in the Box Dimension and you wont be able  to see anyones name:

You can leave the Box Dimension and your name still wont show:

This cheat is Client side only, so only you can see this. There is a problem with this. You cant talk while your in this mode! Do you want to see your name again? All you have to do is go back to your igloo and click Edit. It should be back.

Cool eh? Since the Box Dimension is here to stay, this cheat will stay with it 😀



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