I Met A Moderator

Hey Penguins!

I have some very cool news! I met Billybob at the Server Yeti at 10:00 PM PST! Here is his playercard:

Billybob is really nice. He said that the new clothing catalog will be coming very soon. Have you met any moderators? If you did youre very lucky, because they dont come on a lot!

Remember, when the catalog comes out I will have the cheats!



11 Responses

  1. Whoa your so lucky i never met a mod!

  2. Hey i met rsnail at CPIP. it wus so cool it was so crowded there (:

  3. I really want to meet rsnail!

  4. Hey Muddgirl4000! Really nice blog! Keep it up!

    See ya on CP

     Pin Wii 

  5. I met vader techniclly hes a mod!

  6. yeah i guess lol

  7. UR SOOO LUCKY! I’ve met Vader, Gizmo, and rsnail! Only got a pic of Vader though, i met Gizmo and rsnail a LONG time ago! Like 2 years ago lol!

  8. Mudd I found a cp video with you in it on youtube it has you saying random stuff leading a chain of penguins and saying things like July rocks and stuff and it was at the cove someone filmed it lol

  9. really cool jrrj! can you give me a link and i will see it. one of my buddies is nicknamed july. look for a penguin named 4julybabie. thats probably what somebody was saying 😀 anyways as i said before can you try and give me the link? thanks!

  10. hey i found the link its http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmynvrEaUzU&feature=player_embedded 🙂 lol the clones are all saying add muddy like at the end

  11. LUCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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