Worlds Hardest Riddle

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Password: webkinz4000
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Username: Missy Enuton
Password: Webkinz4000 or Webkinz81


Hey Penguins! I know that this isnt Club Penguin Related, but I have just found the best riddle ever! It took my so long to figure it out!

Here it is:



You’re in a solid room, and the only thing in the room is a mirror and a table. There is no door. How do you get out?



You look in the mirror,
You see what you SAW,
You take out the SAW,
You cut the Table in half,
Two halves make a (w)hole,
You climb out through the hole,
You got out of the room!

Hard right! None of my buddies figured it out!

Got any more cool riddles? Comment them and I might show yours!



4 Responses

  1. Cool! I love riddles XD

  2. i now that riddle its old

    Muddgirl4000: Yeah i know but its cool 😀

  3. Muddy, thank for addin me into ur blogroll
    i add u onto mine too!

  4. I know another riddle like that!

    You are in a room, with no way out. You only have a ball and a bat. What do you do?

    Answer: You swing the bat once. Strike 1! You swing the bat twice. Strike 2! You swing the bat three times. Strike 3! You’re OUT!

    Muddboy4000: Heh thats pretty good 🙂


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