April Fools Party Wrap Up

Update: I might not post for a couple of days because I am getting a new computer and I need to figure it out! Hopefully Jrrj15 and Joji can fill in. Thanks guys 8)

Hey I am in a hurry so here is a quick wrap up of the party:


This is the Box Store’s Inventory.

  • Large Box – 120 Coins
  • Portal Warp – 200 Coins
  • Medium Box – 100 Coins
  • Small Box – 75 Coins

Put the Portal in your Igloo and walk on it to be warped to a Secret Room!


To use the Portal, simply:

  1. Buy the Portal from the Box Store for 200 Coins
  2. Go to your igloo and open up your inventory
  3. Click on Furniture Items
  4. Find the Portal
  5. Add it to your igloo
  6. Walk on the Portal!


Try to throw a snowball in here! Sorry I cant tell you what happens. Its top secret. April Fools! Got ya! When you throw a snowball it will float. Its really cool!


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  1. COOL! OH AND 3000 HITS!

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