Penguin Band and Contest Winner

Hey Penguins!

Have you gotten this postcard yet:

Me and Jrrj15 met them! I have now completed my collection. I met Gary, Penguin Band, Cadence, Rockhopper, and Aund Artic!

Here are some pictures I took:

Now onto the Contest! It was very hard to pick the winner but I chose the best letter and the winner is….


Here is his letter:

I want this penguin because i never ever had a rare penguin and i really want it and i never won any contest and This would be cool if i won and your site is the best and i will keep visiting i visit everyones site on my blogroll and i added your site to my blogroll and i wont bann the penguin and i hope i would win this a great site and i really want to win a contest this penguin can be really important to me and sometimes to others because its rare so hope i win this contest.
A good Friend

Pretty long huh? Bmferrari go on my chat to redeem your prize!

Im sorry for the people who tried hard in writing the letter and lost. If you did lose please dont delete me on your blogroll because I have a suprise on my chat. To go there click Muddgirl4000’s Chat.

Oh and dont forget the April Fools Party is coming soon!

Waddle on and on and on……



5 Responses

  1. THATS GOING TO BE GROOVY SICK (the good kind lol)

  2. Great post and glad that im a winner and i met aunt artic rockhopper gary the gadget guy penguin band and candace and i got the postcard

    Muddgirl4000: Thats the wrong penguin you got. Go back for the real one.

  3. keep visiting my site

  4. yooo party was horrable i know

    there s another one ttmr

    please come!


  5. Hey muddgirl I got a new website and I was wondering if you could sponsor it if you put it on you blogroll and put my advertisement picture on your website ill put u on my blogroll and if you want ads
    So waddaya say? I mean ill still work her of course! id never leave this site!
    My site is:


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