New Font And Some More Small Updates

Hey Penguins!

First of all, the font in Club Penguin is now changed. It looks more Club Penguin-ish:

Also, Joji H is now an Author on this blog! Here is a picture of him:

Joji lives in Canada He loves to go on club penguin regularly. His penguin account is Joji H and he is 246 days old on cp. He was banned once because someone figured out his password. Of course, He changed it. He is artistic and creative. 8)

Also, the Rare Penguin contest is ending on March 28th and the contestants who did not win can have a suprise. When the contest ends, visit  Muddgirl4000’s Chat to get the suprise!

Last, I have a new header! Can you rate it from 1 to 10 on how good it is. (P.S. The 3 penguins on the header are Jrrj15, Joji, and I)

That wraps it up for now!


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