Catalogs Coming Friday and Another Contest


In other news: We’d love to know if you’re enjoying the Penguin Play Awards – Let us know all the creative things that you and your friends are doing at the Stage!!

Until then…Waddle on!

Now onto the contest. This time it will be harder! (Cause last time was really easy.) First of all here is the penguin and a sample of his items:

It is 1180 days old! He is really rare and old. Here is a picture of him from far away:

Here is what you have to do to win this penguin:

All you have to do is comment on why you want it and put me on your blogroll. I will pick who has written the the best letter.

The rules are the same as last time:

* Dont Advertise
* Dont spam
* You must put me on your blogroll for a chance to win
* The contest ends on March 28th

So have fun and start commenting!


22 Responses

  1. mud tis contest is unfare becouse alot of people dont of blogs

  2. so unfare

  3. wow cool i would really like this penguin because i don’t have any good penguins or rare ones and i would love to have a cool one like that and i would never ban it im not like that ill take care of it also i put you on my blogroll

    untill then waddle on


  4. u really hope i win

  5. i mean i reallly hope i win

  6. wow cool i would really like this penguin because i don’t have any good penguins or rare ones and i would love to have a cool one like that and i would never ban it im not like that ill take care of it also i put you on my blogroll

  7. man i reallly hope i win

  8. Hi muddgirl cool penguin!
    i think I deserve him because Ive always wanted a blue propeller cap! and Im one of ur friends!
    I dont have a blog anymore as you know but ill advetise for our site please please! XD

  9. I would like this penguin, because I always wanted a rare penguin. I like to do contests, and I want to have fun with this new penguin account. I will not bann it, and I will not misstreat is. I wish I had those items, I would one day want to become famous, and will also mention about you too!

    I promiss I will take good care of this penguin account if I win it, and if you ask my good freind Chidori456, he would agree I’m a nice guy and all that. Hopefully I will win, thanks!

    😛 What do you think? Good report? 😀


  10. Yo jrrj15, YOU DID win a penguin before from Muddgirl.

    You should let other people have a chance, don’t you think?


  11. oh, and I added you to my blogrole 😀


  12. I added you to my blogroll. Letter: I really want a penguin because I want a penguin that is over 1000 Days old. He really looks cool and I hope I can use him. I also want to get that penguin because he has some items like the skates that I really want.

    You can check the proof that I put u on my blogroll at


  13. It says anyone can and besides im not gonna get it anyway becus I won 1 already… 😦

  14. I want this penguin because i never ever had a rare penguin and i really want it and i never won any contest and This would be cool if i won and your site is the best and i will keep visiting i visit everyones site on my blogroll and i added your site to my blogroll and i wont bann the penguin and i hope i would win this a great site and i really want to win a contest this penguin can be really important to me and sometimes to others because its rare so hope i win this contest.
    A good Friend

  15. I wish I can be an author here… I like posting.

    Just like I’m helping chidori’s blog sometimes.


  16. i asked others, but they won’t respnd, how about u mudgirl?

    Muddgirl4000: Hmm we do need some more helpers… Sure thing! Your now an author. All you have to do is update when jrrj15 or i am not here. Thanks for the help!

  17. thx so much mudd for letting penguins without blogs do it.

    I think i should get it becouse im a good person and you need too start giving stuff too not just your friends.
    It would be so cool too have all that stuff.

  18. wow lots of people entering! there will be a special suprise when the contest is over!

  19. surprise? cool!


    Muddgirl4000: Yeah lots of little suprises for the people who entered and didnt win 😀

  20. ohhhhhh hopefully i win! lol

    oh i would rate the banner7.8/10

    a bit pixelated, but over all pretty good.

    originality is very good, but not excellent.


  21. today is the last day…

  22. i know it anyway off youtube anyway can u check out my new post on my blog

    Muddgirl4000: Sure!

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