Am I Going Crazy?

Ok this is really really weird. I have decided to feed my WHITE puffle right? Then guess what? I clicked on it and look:

(P.S. I dont own any yellow puffles if you think I was lying)

It says its a yellow puffle! It aint. Its a white puffle. I decided to go to the pet shop and buy another white puffle. I bought it and named it Snowball. I brought it back to my igloo and look:

Now my new puffle Snowball is here (AND STILL YELLOW) but Snowflake is gone!!!

Next, I click mail to check my postcards and X out of the mail. Then guess what?! Snowflake is back:

This is the most sad part. I push mail again and:

Now both Snowflake and Snowball have dissappeared. They didnt run away either XP

I promise that none of these pictures are edits!

You decide. Am I going crazy or is Club Penguin going crazy? Please comment!!!



2 Responses

  1. Hey the same exact thing happened to me. Its so strange but its fixed now. Oh and can I meet you in Club Penguiun sometime?


    Muddgirl4000: If you would like to meet me just schedule a date time and place.

  2. cps going KRAZY!

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