Penguin Play Awards Update

UPDATE: I got a chat box. Check it

Hey Penguins! Do you remember when I thought Aunt Artic was going to come to the Awards Show? Well I was right!

Guess what? I met her:

I met her at the Server Big Surf on March 20th/7:27 PST

Here is some info about her:

*Her Favorite Drink is Tea (So get her some from the fountian)
*Her Favorite Game is Paint By Letters
*She likes when she gets complemented
*She complements your cloths
*She likes to sit on the chairs backstage

Here is a picture of Aunt Artic waving goodbye:

I have also met Cadence for the second time. I met her at Mammoth on March 20th/4:51 PST

She went both in the stage and backstage.

Have you met her yet? If you didnt, click on the penguin play picture to get a guide and more:


Thats all for now!



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  1. I knew you were right! XD

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