Penguin Play Awards And More

Hey Everyone!

The Penguin Play Awards and here and I’m you reporter from start to finish! Starting now:


Penguin Play Awards Voting Polls 

To start the tour off, waddle over to the Voting Polls (open to all) and vote for your favorite plays in your favorite categoris!


To vote for you favorite play, start of by clicking continue.


Then select your favorite play in each category (I think Ruby & The Ruby is a really cool play) and click submit.


To end your voting click done and continue into the Stage (sorry, Members only). See the results at the Penguin Play Awards on April 3rd!!

Penguin Play Awards 


For Non Members, this is what the inside of the Penguin Play Awards looks like!


You can watch a short preview of the top 5 nominees on the Big Screen TV.


You can click on the Switchbox3000 to shoot out confetti, make a yellow puffle appear and more!

You can head on Back Stage for a free Penguin Play Award!


Here is a look at the Back Stage of the Penguin Play Awards, its rumored Aunt Arctic may visit back here during the Awards. (Thats what I thought)

You can collect a free Penguin Play Award for your penguin!


Head back to the Main Stage and check out the Costume Trunk for Costumes from the following plays:

*Quest For The Golden Puffle
*Fairy Fables
*The Penguins That Time Forgot
*Ruby and the Ruby
*Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl

You can also get a Microphone on the first page before the costumes. 

Costume Trunk Cheats


Click the Penguin Play Award for the Penguin Awards Background (60 Coins)


Click the Wig for the Cheap Time Travel Hat (10 Coins)


Click the word Vs for the Squidzoid Costume (600 Coins)

Now switching the topic to Igloo Catalogs! Check em out.

New Igloo Upgrades


Along with a new Better Igloos, there’s also a new Igloo Upgrades! There is one new igloo.


The new Restaurant Igloo is 4,800 Coins!

Same old Cheats for the Igloo Upgrades. 

March – April Better Igloos


In this catalog you can buy all the items that where in the Pizza Parlor for the Penguin Games (if you can remember what was there, which you probably cant so just look below)


  • Super Nova Shadow Box – 400 Coins
  • Gamma Girl Shadow Box – 400 Coins
  • Shadow Guy Shadow Box – 400 Coins
  • Formal Table – 550 Coins
  • Formal Chair – 300 Coins
  • Electric Guitar Shadow Box – 600 Coins
  • Acoustic Guitar Shadow Box – 450 Coins

Sadly, there’s only 1 page of new items. All the other pages are from the last catalog.

But to make up for that, there or lots of cheats this time ;)

March – April Better Igloos Cheats



Click the Gold Plack on the Guitar Shadow Box for the Disco Ball (700 Coins)


Click the word Puffle for the White Puffle Poster (75 Coins)



Click the Koi Pond for the Ice Table (350 Coins)


Click the Pinata for the Aquarium (500 Coins)


Click the Red Rope for the Welcome Mat (75 Coins) 

Phew! Almost done. Long post eh? Now lastly, check out the first 5 Snow Sculpture Winners!

5 Snow Sculpture Winners

(There not in order, but the order I found them in) The first one is located in the Light House and is a Castle made by a Yellow Puffle! The winner for this Sculpture was:


Congrats Marco A9! 

The Second Sculpture is a bunch of Penguins and there Puffles, there Puffles appear to be playing. The winner of this Snow Sculpture was:


Congrats Ice4biel! 

The Third Sculpture is at the Beach and is a Penguin Surfing! This Sculpture was made by:


Congrats Rosette37!

The Fourth Sculpture is at the Beacon and is a bunch of famous penguins including Rockhopper, Sensei, Aunt Arctic, and Gary! This Sculpture was made by:


Congrats Wubby98!

The last Snow Sculpture is at the Ski Village and is a penguin waving! This Sculpture was made by:


Congrats Lucasbas! 

Did you submit a drawing or design? I didnt get picked yet 8)

Well that pretty much sums it up! If famous penguins are spotted at the Penguin Play Awards, I would have been right!


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  1. Awesome post! It’s really,really cool believe me 🙂

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. I like all plays but I voted mostly for Ruby and the Ruby! I entered the contest but I didn’t get picked yet. You forgot about the new music that came out today but that’s OK.

  4. oh yeah i just saw that thanks 🙂

  5. ok

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