More Visitors and Countdown Clock

Hi Everyone!!

Since the past week, our stats have raised ten fold! See why.

We have gotten 3 people visiting at the same time:

Also, 19 People have visited in 1 day:

When we reach 2,000 hits I will have a super cool party and a Rare Penguin Contest! Please tell your friends 🙂

Also, I have made a countdown clock to the Penguin Play Awards:

Countdown To The Penguin Play Awards

Thats all for now!

~Muddgirl4000~  & ~Jrrj15~

2 Responses

  1. OMG Muddgirl! Your website is so cool! I will try to get you some hits! Jrrj15, you rock as much as Muddgirl!!!!!

  2. HEy Whats up sorry i havent been able to post or comment back its because my internet wasnt working so ya Dang Your website HAs Grown!!so ya check out mine!

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