Rockhopper’s Ship, A New Pin, and Puffle News

Hey Penguins! Here is everything new about Rockhopper:

First of all, his ship has a glitch:

Its spelled Migrateur? Strange. It sounds French.

PS. I was on an English server.

Here is his Rare items:

Do you see the Red box? Click in it in Club Penguin to get a Porthole:

Next, the new pin:

Its located at the Iceburg.

Now, here is the coolest part! Here it is:

Have you seen Rockhoppers Notice Board? Look at that tree behind Rockhoppers puffle:

A White Puffle!

Also, have you played Puffle Roundup lately? Well it is updated! Look in the Red Box:

You guessed it! A White Puffle!!!

Thats so awesome! 😀

I wonder what else is going to happen!

Well thats all or now,


(PS.  None of the White Puffle pictures are edits)


3 Responses

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