Puffle Party Review And Better Igloos

Hey Everyone! There was a lot of stuff happening today on Club Penguin. First of all, there was the Puffle Party:

Here was the free item:

Its located at the Cove. 😀

Next, we go onto the Iceberg:

Lets Jump Rope:

I won! 🙂

Lets go to the Beach:

I beat my bro in the sand castle contest.

Here is the forest:

Its a Ball Pit. Fun!

I also got a drawing of me:

Also, the  Plaza was decorated:

Dont forget to try out Puffle Feeding:

Onto the Better Igloos Catalog:

Its the Red Collection:

Puffle Posters:

Oh and Rockhopper is seen in the Distance:

Thats all for now!



5 Responses

  1. white puffles at outside of dojo plz give me credit

  2. white puffle at moution too

  3. can we meet sis im helping you

  4. Actually Im pretty sure its only outside the dojo ever half a hour… I think…Ive only seen it near the dojo…

  5. hey whats up nice post

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