Jrrj15’s Party Update

Update: The party will now be at 2:00 PST


If you cant read the invitation, here is what it says:


Why: Jrrj15 turns 700 days old

When: Feburary 6th 2009! 2:00 PST

Where: Server Slushy/ Jrrj15’s Igloo (Then iceberg then dojo)

What: 700th Day Annaversary Party

Here is his website for more info:

I hope you all can make it!


4 Responses

  1. Dear muddgirl: Im changing the partay to tommorow saturday 3pst because no one came to my partay today 😥 so yeah hope you can make it

  2. Muddgirl I was wondering if you would like to become an admin on my forum im just starting to develop it so I need help with making it up so more please reply-Jrrj15-

  3. i dont really know… i always have school and my website is really hard with stuff so i have to think about it. ok?

  4. isnt your party right now?

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