Back To Basics Clothing Catalog

Here are the cheats for the new Club Penguin Clothing Catalog for the month of February!



The Befluttered – 600 Coins

Pink Designer Scarf – 150 Coins

Pink Shirt – 150 Coins

Blue Shirt – 150 Coins

Blue Striped Scarf – 150 Coins

The Surf Knot – 550 Coins


Ball Caps (Green, Yellow, Pink) – 200 Each

Hoodies (Black, Purple, Pink, Green) – 400 Each


The Disco – 600 Coins

Blue Rollerskates – 260 Coins

The Sidetied Too – 500 Coins

Pink Rollerskates – 260 Coins

T-Shirts (Red, Yellow, Green) – 150 Each

Rugby Shirts (Red / Yellow, Blue / Green, Pink / Blue) – 400 Each


Pet Shop Staff Apron – 300 Coins

What is your favorite clothing item this time? I like the ball caps and hoodies!

P.S. I will get a new header for valentines day 🙂



6 Responses

  1. i cant wait untill valitnines day plus no school today its snowing yay u rule muddgirl4000 plus can u tell me how old r u only wanna know im 141 days old bye

  2. my first pin was magrudiny glass plus i had a different penguin he was called zook8522 his first pin was the dodgeball pin he started on the 22nd of augest2008

  3. cool. im about 200 days old 🙂

  4. cool

  5. check my site out now

  6. Im 700 days old! !PARTAY XD!

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