New Sports Catalog and Pin

Hey! Have you seen the new catalog yet? It is so cool! If you didnt, here it is:

You can now be a Goalie:

A swimmer and a Ballerina:

The Splash Backround came back:

Here is the new Sport Furniture:

Here are the secrets:

Click on the Climbing Wall,

To find the Rock Climbing Outfit

There is also the new pin. Its a lily:

You can find it at…

The Lighthouse Beacon!

I also met my favorite penguin:



If you dont know who he is, he was the penguin who inspired me to make a blog! He also has a blog. You can go there by this link below (Click on Translate This Page because he is Spanish):

[ Translate this page ]

Thats all for now!



7 Responses

  1. muddgirl4000 please can u come to my 100 hits party server:thermal place:dock time:7pst hope to see you there

  2. and the day is saturday 31 st january

  3. sure i will if i can make it. thats today! cool. i will try to meet u there. 🙂
    wait is it 7pst PM or AM?

  4. Hey mudd! In 6 days my penguin will officialy be 700 days old! So im having a party but i dont have invite yet so keep checking my site for it 😉

  5. cool i hope i can make it! it will be awesome for sure! i will post the invitation on my website so a lot of cool penguins will come. just tell me when you have an invitation! 🙂


  6. Cool thanks mudd oh but i still dont have invite yet so im just about to make it

  7. ok and your welcome

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