Party Review and Contest Winner

I had a really cool party! I am sorry that I had to leave so soon. I went to the beach. (I live in Hawaii)

  I rock!  

Just Kidding!

I have some pictures!

We went to the Mountian:

Then we went to the Iceberg:

We had some unexpected guests:

Here are the featured penguins:


And our super special guest:


XLR8 64 also came too, but I couldnt get a Picture of him 🙂 Sorry.

I added 2 penguins at the party:


Yoda Ads:

Im also super sorry if you missed the party. It was kinda bad timing, but that was the only time I could have it. 🙂

We also have the Contest winner!!!

This is his name and picture:

This is what you won:

Just comment your e-mail. I will send you the name and password!

Oh and I will know if you are Spike Man8,  so dont lie!

Also, if you have a website, just say it also in the comment. I will put it on my blogroll.

That pretty much sums up everything for now!



15 Responses

  1. muddgirl4000 i dont want to put my email on here can i put it on my website

  2. can u delete the email comment as soon as u send it

  3. sure

  4. thanks i dont want anyone to know my email thanks

  5. sorry i missed the party u said 1 pm pst and u was not there

  6. sorry i was a little late. you know computers … mine messes up a lot. oh and since the email isnt working I commented it on your website. so check it. remember delete it after you read it so nobody will ban it. 🙂 also i added you to my blogroll.


  7. you saw it? k. I hope you like it 🙂

  8. you know the penguin?

  9. well ok.

  10. Ok its not like im stupid or anything but wat happens if you clik da dont clikc here button im to scared to do it lol XD

  11. try it for yourself. 🙂 serious you will laugh

  12. and no it wont give your computer a virus

  13. theres a not so nice word when u hit dont clik here but u have to keep pressing it. i was scared that my parents wud c the word and kill me

    Box reator: A bad word? I will have to take that off. Sorry

  14. lol

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