New Newspaper

Hi Everyone! The focus for this weeks newspaper is….. The Winter Fiesta!

Here is what the newspaper has to say about it:

January starts the Winter Fiesta-val! Summertime in winters clime, this party’s annual. Shake your maracas, dance like a matador, put on party cloths from the Gift Shop store! Barbeques on the dock will get the party sizzling, you will have so much fun, you will forget about shiv’ring!

Cool, I guess :/

Heres another ad:

Sounds fun! Im so there!

Also, here are the secrets. (Dont tell anyone)

OLD! Hehe. Anyway if you didnt know these things, you must be new.

Here are the upcoming events:

Cool! But why are they all reading? :]

Also, the new pin will be here on January 30th:

Next, of course there is the comics and the Aunt artic stuff.

Thats pretty much it for now!

Bye!!! :]


(P.S. When we reach 800 hits, I will have another party and a contest! Keep visiting!)


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