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Hi everyone! Im sorry that I missed the 5:00 party! 😦 I was really busy. Its ok because I will be having an 800 hits party when we reach the goal, so tell other people to come please. Anyways, I have found out something cool about Rockhoppers Backround. Look at his signature:

Weird right?

Also, the Member Party is going strong is going on longer by popular demand! So, anybody who hasnt met Cadence yet, here is your chance! There is also a cheat for the new Treasure Book! Click on the speaker…


And you find Football Gear?


Cool, but if you are already a member you can just buy this at the Sport Shop…

Here is another one:

Click on the circle next to the explorers hat (the one that in in the red box):

To get the winged helmet!

Hope to see you on Club Penguin soon,


(Credit for the Treasure book tip goes to darkknight31)


3 Responses

  1. Hey muddgirl i was wondering if you would like to meet on cp if you want to then go to my site and comment saying where when on my website and ill meet you on club penguin i wish i was as good a site as you 😦

  2. Of course! I would love to meet a fan! Just tell me when and what server and ill meet you there!


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