Beta Testers at Xlr8 64’s Party

Today, while I was partying with Xlr8 64 at his 600 hits party, there were 2 suprise guests!





Yodom5 added me 🙂

But Shadow727  had to leave and couldnt add me 😦


8 Responses

  1. Cool i met them too and shadow added me! the party rocked!! 😀

  2. hey todom isnt a beta tester

  3. yodom isnt

  4. how come

  5. he has like every single item and the beta hat

  6. yodom was saying that shadow might not be because she like just appeared with the beta hat. i think he was trying to say she used cheats or something. lol

  7. shadow is yodom isnt

  8. ya Yodom isnt but shadow is

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