Vader2006 Found on Club Penguin

Vader2006 also known as Gizmo, is a Club Penguin moderator. When he joined Club Penguin in 2006, he made Vader2006 his personal account and Gizmo his moderator account. Yesterday, he was spotted on the Frozen server at around 11:00 penguin time.




He added me, but then deleted me! 😦

He was spotted at the Courtyard (outside of the Dojo) for nearly an hour. He accepted very few penguins to his list. Chewy was also there!


Credit to Chewy for the picture!

5 Responses

  1. Cool Your Friends With him?!

  2. Well kind of. He added me but then he deleted me. 😦 Oh well. At least I got a picture!

  3. that sucks he deleted you but still cool picture!

  4. thanks!

  5. Well everyone has to be deleted once and a while

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