I Have A Deal For You!

This a sticky post! Go down to see the newest posts!!!I have a deal for you! If you advertise my blog in some of your posts/add me to your blogroll/Use my widgets than I will do the same for you! The more people you get to visit, the more people will visit your very own blog! What do you say? Its a win/win situation. Please comment if you have advertised my blog! Have Fun 😀

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Journey To The Past

hey guys, its your good friend Muddgirl4000!

I figured Id look back at my old blog & see whats been happening.

nothing really has happened, but I think its nice just to take a little journey to the past.

Ive quit CP since my penguin got hacked, and I dont plan on coming back anytime soon, sorry guys :]

but I might be updating this blog a little more often just to tell you about my life, so visit this blog often & you might find out some new things about me!! thanks guys, I love all of my fans so much. -Muddgirl4000

This Site is Down!

Hello Fellow Penguins!

I am sad to announce that “Muddgirl4000 Super Awesome CP Cheats” is closed FOREVER.

It will re-open unless the main administrators (Muddgirl4000 and Muddboy4000) comes back.

Of coarse, you can still check out the cool pages that the both created when they were still here!

Well, so long fellow penguins!

From co-worker,

Clubpenguin Halloween party cheats

Hello Penguins jrrj15 here!!! Here are the cheats:

The free item is in the plaza:

Pumpkin antenei lol


And Night of the living sled can be seen at the coffe shop

NotLS2 can be seen at the Night club

and Night of the living sled 3 can be seen as normal at the Light house!!! 😀

Scroll down for Trick or treat Cheats:




















Heres where the candy is:

1st: In the lodge attic behind the pumpkin

2nd: At the dock click the pumpkin in the top right corner

3rd: In the pet shop next to the Red puffle behind the candles

4rth:At the cove inside the cardboard ghosts book

5th:At the undergroud pool hanging from the ceiling

6th:At the soccer pitch in the light to the right

7th:In the forest in a rustling bush at the top middle part of the screen

Last: In the mine lower right hand corner slime pool (click)

As a reward you get a background I miss when they gave us real items 😦

Waddle on!!! -Jrrj15 😀

Clubpenguin’s 4th anniversary!!! :D

Ok no ones posted in a while srry bout that but this is a special occasion!!!

Heres da post by billy bob:

Hello Penguins!   Can you believe it? Tomorrow's our 4th Anniversary!   Everyone's invited - so find all your friends and head to the Town Center... There'll be cake in the Coffee Shop, a new party hat, and a new Yearbook full of fun stuff. We can't wait to hear what you think about this party - the colors of the cake and party hat... Any guesses? 4ann.jpg
Can't wait to celebrate! Until then...Waddle on! -Club Penguin Team
By Billybob on October 23 2009 09:12 OH BOY I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT colours there are this year :D Ive been on clubpenguin for 2nd and 3rd :D I hope red is one of them :D Bye I hope to see you at the party :D


To Mudd: Mudd, please don’t delete this post, this is the newer one, you can delete the old on. Thanks.

NOTICE! I forgot I wasn’t in Japan anymore! Sorry! Changed the time to 5:00 PM!

WHOOT WHOOT! 8000 hits! Now thats awesome! Speaking of awesome… I’m GOING TO HAVE A 800 HITS PARTY! YAAAAY!!!

Here is the invite:

When? September 13th, 2009
Where? Server is Snowmobile, Dock
What Time? 5:00 PM PST (Penguin Standard Time)
Why? ’cause it’s my 8000 hits party!

PLEASE COME TO THE PARTY!!! I will feature* those who come to my party!

Be sure to say “Yes I can come to the party.” on the comment section of this post! 😉


*Two benefits if you come to my party:
1. Get to be featured.
2. The name of your blog will be under your pic.
3. More viewers will come to your site!

A Cool Party For A Friend

Hey Penguins!

Muddgirl and I just went to a party for my friend Lilj13!
It was really fun!

Heres some screenshots:

Our friend Taker985 Made this aswell:

I hope you had a great time Lilj!

Peace out! 😀

~Muddgirl4000 & Muddboy4000~

Parties And Our New Header

Hey Penguins!

Our friend Pringle made a great new header for our blog!
Comment on how you like it!

In other news my friends are having parties soon!
I hope you enjoyed out party!

Heres the invitation To Jojis party:
|When? September 13th, 2009                                                     
|Where? Server is Snowmobile, Dock                                     
|What Time? 4:00 AM PST (Penguin Standard Time)
|Why? ’cause it’s my 8000 hits party!                                     

Here is the invitation to Taker985’s Party:


Please come of you can!

~Muddgirl4000 and Muddboy4000~